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About Us

Tadpole Transformations is a technology consulting/custom software development company. We analyze your business and work with you every step of the way to make sure your technology needs are met.

We combine our consulting skills, our knowledge of business processes, and our passionate devotion to crafting the best software possible to ensure the success of your business. Because of our wide variety of skills and experience, we work quickly and efficiently.

Tadpole Transformations is not just about technology—we also enjoy working with people as much as we love seeing your business grow and develop!

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How we work

First, we set up a free consultation where we come to your workplace and meet with you to find out what your specific needs are. We talk about your business and recommend ways in which to make your processes easier, more cost effective, and more powerful. We can then help you choose existing software or we'll build software customized to fit your business.

We will suggest technological solutions to help you save money, reach more customers, minimize inefficiency or your impact on the environment. The possibilities are endless!

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How we can help

By no means a comprehensive list, these are a few things we can help you with:

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How you will transform

After working with us, your business will grow and improve in many ways. We can help you increase your sales and build better customer relations by analyzing your business and providing unique solutions. Our expertise will ensure you no longer have to deal with constant technological hassles, such as software that doesn't do everything it needs to do, or works imperfectly.

We will save you time by setting up a more productive environment where you can get things done easily, instead of having to struggle with off-the-shelf software and its quirks and shortcomings. You and your employees will enjoy working with our product, because it will solve your problems instead of creating more. Most importantly, you will feel secure and confident in the future of your business, knowing that it is technologically advanced and competitive.

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Get started now

Reach us by email: transform@tadpoletransformations.com

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